Puffin Beverage Flannel and Puffin Beverage Parka with Colorado logo to drink in style.  Available at Curate Mercantile and Maker's Market in the Denver area.
Thermal lined Colorado Puffin Beverage Jackets keeps your drinks nice and chilly!
What is a unique gift?  Give them a Puffin Beverage Jacket with Colorado logo for their drink!
What is a fun Colorado themed gift to give?  Try a Colorado logo Puffin Beverage Parks to keep their drinks chill anytime of year!
We love this Puffin beverage flannel as a unique spin on your average beverage koozie!
One of the best white elephant gifts to give in Colorado!  They will enjoy this Puffin beverage sweater to keep their drinks chill!
Camo Puffin beverage jackets can be found at Curate Mercantile and Maker's Market in the Denver area.
Wrap your beverage in this cute Puffin jacket with a Colorado logo.
One of our best selling Puffins!  Our black parka Puffin has a fur rimmed hood and Colorado logo on the front.
Are you looking for adventure?  Add a 'lil style to your beverage with this adorable adventure vest with foil lined insides to keep your drink cold.
What does your drink need?  A beverage adventure vest from Puffin!
Deck out your drink with this camo vest!  Available at Curate Mercantile and Maker's Market in South Denver, Colorado.

Colorado Puffin Beverage Covers

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These are one of our best sellers!! This season, wrap your beer, hard seltzer or soda in Colorado style with these adorable mini Puffin beverage containers. Whether you choose a jacket, flannel, vest or sweater, each one is lined with a thermal foil insert to keep your beverage chilly. Each has an embroidered Colorado logo on the front.  Available in several different styles. 

A gift they are sure to remember! 

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